Yes. Coverstar systems are the most reliable systems on the market. However, just like your car, your automatic cover will run better for years to come and be even more reliable if it is regularly maintained. Keep your cover system free from dirt and debris that can collect in the track or in the autocover housing.

Just like brake pads on your car, pulleys and sliders will wear over time. Occasionally changing these parts will help you prevent problems. Most Coverstar dealers offer a maintenance program and can provide you with an appropriate service plan.

Additionally, your owner’s manual contains important information on maintaining your automatic cover system.

Yes, your cover is built to hold the weight of several adults. However, we do not recommend that you walk on your cover.

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An automatic cover can save you money in multiple ways. Unlike solar covers, automatic covers can be closed in a matter of seconds allowing your pool to be completely sealed when it is not in use. This prevents evaporation which is the number one contributor to heat loss. Stopping evaporation saves you money on water and chemicals as well. To learn more about how an autocover can save you money, visit our “Cover Benefits” page.

Like anything that is exposed to harsh chemicals and wide variations of environmental conditions, a pool cover needs regular maintenance and periodically may need to be changed. There are a few ways to know if your cover needs replacing:

  • Look for Wear and Tear
    Pool chemicals, temperature variations and ultra violet light can break down the pool cover fabric over time. Look for cracks, peeling and weak spots on the cover where water may be seeping through the surface.
  • Touch the Cover Fabric
    Pool cover fabric should be pliable and supple. When a cover becomes too stiff and brittle, there’s a good chance the fabric may need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Inspect Sewn Webbing Stitching
    Traditional sewn webbing is a likely source of cover problems. On standard pool covers, sewn threads can become frayed, cut or disintegrate over time, leading to cover failure. Remember, a cover with sewn webbing is only as safe as the stitching that holds it together.
  • Watch for Sewn Webbing Bunching
    Covers with sewn webbing have a tendency to bunch up around the rope, which may cause the fabric to catch and tear on the fabric guides. Coverstar UltraGard III fabric offers patented heat sealed webbing that bypasses all of the problems with sewn covers. Coverstar also offers a technically advanced coated vinyl construction formulated for UV resistance.
  • Look for Worn Ropes
    PowerFlex rope is the latest in rope technology and is covered by a 2-year no-break warranty. It is designed to help your autocover system run straighter. It resists breakage and acts as a shock absorber resisting damage and distortion.

Yes, we meet ASTM standard for a safety cover. Unlike manual pool covers, automatic covers can be closed in a matter of seconds so your pool can be covered whenever it is not in use. A Coverstar automatic cover seals your pool to prevent unwanted use.

Coverstar has the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Coverstar offers a limited 7 year warranty on its fabric. This warranty includes things that other manufacturers don’t. For example, it includes the heat seal between the webbing to the fabric. All other manufacturers sew their webbing to their fabric and do not usually warranty this connection as it can come apart before the cover needs to be replaced due to the breakdown of the threads. Coverstar heat seals its webbing directly to the fabric and is covered under the same warranty as the cover materials itself.

PowerFlex rope is the latest in rope technology and is covered by a 2-year no-break warranty.

Coverstar’s Eclipse mechanism is covered under a 20 year limited warranty. CS3000, SwimWise and Coverluxe mechanisms are covered under a 10 year limited warranty. The motor is covered under a 5 year limited warranty. Other electrical components are covered under a three year limited warranty.