An automatic pool cover does more than just keep loved ones and pets out of your pool, it can also help you save on pool heating costs and even help to maintain the water temperature. Learn more about the heating and energy benefits of an automatic pool cover.

Cover Your Pool and Save Energy

Keeping a cover on your pool when it’s not in use helps to keep dirt, debris and other unsightly objects out of the pool. As a result, your pool will stay clean and you can reduce the amount of time you spend using your pool pump and filter. Covering your pool helps you save energy, which isn’t just easier on your budget, it’s also better for the environment!

Latham Automatic Safety Covers Under Track inground pool


How Much Energy Does an Automatic Pool Cover Save?

Consistent use of a pool cover offers these cost- and energy-saving benefits:

Up to 90% reduction

in evaporation

Up to 70% reduction

in pool heating costs

Up to 50% reduction

in electricity costs

Up to 70% reduction

in chemical use

Reduce Water Evaporation

Swimming pools lose energy through evaporation when cool air hits the warm pool water. This can cause the water temperature to drop an average of five degrees per night. When you cover your pool when it’s not in use, you can minimize the amount of water that evaporates. Reducing water evaporation means you don’t have to fill your pool or balance the water as often, and it can also mean savings of up to 50 – 70% on pool heating costs. 

Keep Pool Water Warm

An automatic pool cover won’t heat your pool water, but it will keep warm water inside your pool and keep cool air out. This will help to maintain a consistent water temperature and can reduce heat loss by almost 50%. As a result, a pool cover can help to increase the water temperature by eight to 10 degrees. Depending on where you live, this can extend the swimming season by up to three months. 

Heating and Cost-Saving Benefits

Want to know just how much a pool cover can reduce evaporation and help you save on heating and energy costs? Here’s a breakdown by the numbers:

  • Reduce water evaporation by up to 90% 
  • Decrease heating costs up to 70% 
  • Lower electricity costs up to 50%
  • Reduce chemical use by up to 70% 

As you can see, combined with the unrivaled safety benefits, an automatic pool cover is well worth the initial investment.

How Much Energy Does a Pool Cover Save?

When left uncovered, the water temperature of your swimming pool drops an average of five degrees (F). Keeping your pool covered can help you reduce this heat loss by almost 50%.

A Coverstar automatic pool cover acts as a passive solar heater and can help to increase pool water temperature by eight to 10 degrees.

Have you ever accidentally left your windows open while running your air conditioner? Because the cool air can escape through the windows, it takes more time to cool down the house. The same concept applies to a pool cover. When you seal your pool, it keeps the warm air inside and can help to make your pool heater more efficient.

Water evaporation is the leading cause of energy loss. According to the Department of Energy, it only takes one Btu (British thermal unit) to raise one pound of water one degree, but each pound of 80-degree water that evaporates takes 1,048 Btu of heat out of the pool.


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